March 3, 2021

Innovation in the Travel Industry: What Needs to Change? – eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

The coronavirus pemic has impacted all industries, but it has had a particularly devastating impact on the travel sector. With planes grounded holidays cancelled, airline companies have struggled to survive this devastating time.

However, after almost four months, the travel sector is once again starting to open. With the risk of Covid-19 still ever present, companies have had to adapt to a new way of working. Here, we’ll look at how the travel sector needs to change in light of the pemic.

What changes are likely to occur?

Experts have predicted how they think the travel industry will change in light of Covid-19. Some of the main factors that the industry will need to focus on include:

  • Air pollution
  • Local travel
  • Deposits
  • Remote travel
  • Social distancing

One of the positive things that has come from the worldwide lockdown, is the reduced air pollution levels. With planes grounded, it has helped to significantly reduce air pollution. Global warming continues to be an important issue travel companies are going to need to focus more on reducing their impact. Some experts even believe increased legislation will be introduced to help with this.

Social distancing is also going to be a priority. This could be extremely difficult to do in the travel sector, particularly on planes. So, we’re likely to see fewer people travelling at any one time. Airports are also likely to continue to use touchless systems,