January 18, 2021

Black Travel Alliance calls for “meaningful representation” in travel industry | News – Daily Hive

Black Travel Alliance, a new travel organization comprising Black content creators, is using its influence to support highlight Black voices within the travel industry to outline the need for better representation. It is also calling on travel companies to provide more than just a verbal or written statement expressing their support, requesting that they instead put their sentiments into action. 

According to the group’s official website, its purpose is to encourage organizations to utilize the support that resulted from #BlackOutTuesday extend it outside social media to implement real change create more “meaningful representation” of Black individuals in the industry.

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The site states that $63 billion worth of travel every year comes from Black Americans alone, as cited in a report from 2018 conducted by Mala Research. However, there is a severe lack of Black representation in travel companies at both the staffing managerial levels. There is also a significant absence of diversity on media trips promotional campaigns, the group explains, even in locations that attract or contain large Black communities.

As such, Black Travel Alliance is enacting a new evaluation initiative called the “Black Travel Scorecard” to gauge various travel companies organizations not just on their public statements but also on how these declarations reflect impact their internal actions.

As part of this program, the organization is collecting information for five specific areas:

  • Employment – What are the current number percentages of Black individuals at the staff managerial levels?
  • Conferences Events – What