January 18, 2021

Black Travel Alliance urges travel companies to address Black representation in the industry – PhocusWire

Black Travel Alliance is calling on destination management organizations travel brs to raise their support of Black voices in the travel industry.

The newly formed group of Black travel content creators has launched a campaign under the #PullUpForTravel hashtag, which asks travel companies work for “meaningful representation of Black voices in the industry.”

The alliance points to a 2018 Mala Research report which reveals that Black Americans spend $63 billion on travel every year.

Yet, it says, there is little to no Black representation among the staff management of larger travel companies. 

Black Travel Alliance plans to launch a Black Travel Scorecard to assess DMOs travel brs on their actions in five areas.

Broadly speaking, the alliance will score travel companies on Black representation in employment at conferences trade shows, in paid advertising marketing campaigns on press trips in 2019.

A final element on the scorecard covers philanthropy charitable contributions or other support in the form of mentoring intern programs to Black charities.

The organization asks DMOs brs to communicate these metrics by June 19 a using #PullUpforTravel.

The date is symbolic as it marks the ending of slavery in the United States.

Jeff Jenkins, content creator founding member of the alliance, says: “Black Travel Alliance was heartened to see that many destinations