September 20, 2020

Is the air travel industry taking off again? – WCAX

BURLINGTON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (WCAX) Vermont is beginning to turn the spigot on tourism out of state travel but trips relying on air travel are still not really taking off. Our Kevin Gaiss looks at how the air travel industry is faring what changes you can expect the next time you book a flight.

“You gotta do what you gotta do not let fear drive you not let you do things,” said Tara Troisi, a traveler.

The travel industry is one of the hardest-hit sectors of the economy. In March, when stay-at-home orders came down, people were forced to postpone or cancel trips.

“I am going to visit family, haven’t seen them in a long time now with the virus that’s going around,” Troisi said.

According to TSA screenings, the number of flyers nationwide bottomed out in mid-April with just 87,000 taking to the skies, a 96% drop from the previous year.

Ridership is slowing building back up. Last Sunday, more than 440,000 people flew in America– an improvement but still 84% fewer passengers than last year in early June.

Experts say Vermont is mirroring that trend.

“We basically went to a ststill at the end of March, refunded more than we sold in the month of April, May, June,” said Scott Milne, the president of Milne Travel. “It started to turn around in the middle of May we saw what sounded like tremendous increases.”