January 18, 2021

What does the future hold for the travel industry? | AgriLife Today – AgriLife Today

Consumer priorities perceptions related to traveling the travel industry have been impacted by the COVID-19 pemic. (Texas A&M University photo)

A recent national panel study shows how consumer perceptions about the present — possibly the future — of the travel industry are being affected by the COVID-19 pemic.

Among other things, the research shows consumers in the future may want less complicated, more family-oriented travel experiences that place a greater emphasis on health wellness.

The research, performed by Angela Durko, Ph.D., Department of Recreation, Park Tourism Sciences at Texas A&M’s College of Agriculture Life Sciences, Steven Migacz, Ph.D., Heller College of Business, Roosevelt University, was based on more than 900 completed surveys sent to consumers throughout the U.S.

Respondents were from 18 to 74 years old, with the two largest age groups being from 25-34 35-44 years old representing just over 50% of those responding. 

Full research results can be found in the white paper report “Travel Consumer Feedback Reflections during COVID-19.”  

The research looks at how the travel industry is being perceived when dealing with travel changes, what service-recovery options are being utilized, intention to return to services. It also provides suggestions for industry improvement upon reopening based on how time spent at home during the pemic may shape the industry of the future. 

“Social distancing, travel restrictions, a greatly reduced number of