September 20, 2020

Radio Guest List – Covid-19’s Impacts on the Travel Industry – May 9, 2020 – Peter Travel News

This week on Eye on Travel, Peter Greenberg continues his reports on COVID-19’s impacts on the travel industry your travels. The Wall Street Journal Travel Editor Scott McCartney gives his perspective on why airlines are flying mostly empty planes — then his report on a continuing problem: tour operators airlines not giving refunds. And then, a report on one lawsuit filed against a hotel for not returning money from a school group — the amount in question might surprise you. Peter also answers your travel questions. There’s all of this more on this week’s broadcast of Eye on Travel

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Zane Kerby
, President CEO American Society of Travel Advisors, discusses protections for travel advisors that airlines are now giving why not having an advisor during the Covid-19 pemic meant that you were truly on your own during these unprecedented times. Kerby also speaks about navigating travel in the future, what he predicts will come back first how, plus how to restore faith in travelers.

Charles Leocha, Travel Writer, Author, President of Travelers United, looks forward to travel rebounding discusses the airline protections in the