August 8, 2020

Seven things hoteliers must remember during COVID-19 – Hotel Management Online

What new best practices can hoteliers put in place now during the COVID-19 pemic?

By Paloma Guerra Alex Sogno.

In Europe, we have seen that the large hotel operating companies have been supportive as much as they could be to their hotel teams, providing profit protection plans, business continuity plans, other useful guidance. This article is for independent hotels, which represent a large segment of our industry in Europe. Whether your hotel is closed or remains open, please see the below strategies tools on how to deal with the current crisis.

“Barbam propinqui radere, heus, cum videris, prabe lavos barbula prudens pilos”. This Latin proverb highlights the importance of foreseeing the next action to be taken as soon as you pick up on measures, carrying on either to avoid potential damage or to get a similarly positive result for yourself.

We are tremendously grateful to our colleagues from China. They kept calm looked after hotel properties during a difficult time when they had to close the doors all reservations were cancelled. After several enlightening conversations with them, we have compiled some best practices to guarantee reasonably smooth business processes business functions.

While the problem is outside of the hotel’s boundaries, hospitality professionals need to be determined to tackle these issues, which have an unpredictable expansion level. Under an emergency situation, we have to st up for the business’