March 3, 2021

Coronavirus-hit travel industry will return, let’s get to work now to save workers – Fox Business

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As we begin to reopen the economy, one industry needs particular focus — travel tourism. We need to start planning now for returning to a world where people have confidence are able to travel again — that also means across international borders.

The desire to travel is a human instinct that involves more than creating enjoyable memories; it also supports 1 in 10 or 330 million jobs worldwide according to the World Travel Tourism Council.


A significant portion of that economic activity is produced through cross-border tourism, not domestic or local travel. While it is logical that local travel will be the first to return to some normalcy in the months ahead, our industry should already be working with governments to create an action plan for how international travel resumes recovers.

I can speak first h to the positive impact that international travel has to the United States. In 2019, our company brought 500,000 travelers from overseas. The average international tourist couple spent over ten thous dollars during their visit – shopping in our malls, dining out, staying