August 8, 2020

Young hoteliers donate facemasks to hospitals – website

A GROUP OF 12 young hoteliers came together to donate 25,000 facemasks to hospitals in their home states, California, Texas, Oregon Washington. The group includes Neal Patel, secretary of AAHOA, Bijal Patel, chairman of the California Hotel & Lodging Association.

It was a gesture that came naturally to them, Neal said.

“Hoteliers are experts at providing a safe, easy night of rest to travelers who have spent a hard day on the road,” Neal said. “During this crisis environment, we want to make work a little safer easier for the health care first-responders who are working so very hard on behalf of the communities where we do business.”

Bijal said serving people is a lifelong bond.

“Although we are currently physically separated from our guests, helping our neighborhoods has no boundaries – especially medical workers who are facing overcoming a very special level of hardship every minute,” he said.

The 12 hoteliers their eight companies are: