March 3, 2021

Compassionate Travel: How The Travel Industry Has Become A Force For Good – Forbes

While the travel industry may not be operating ‘business as usual’ during the current crisis, it doesn’t mean to say that they have lost their fighting spirit. In fact, many companies in the sector have admirably adapted their offerings risen to the challenge of helping others in need. The message is clear: with the world currently grounded, the travel industry faces the toughest test in its history, but this pales into insignificance compared to the challenges facing our health services during this pemic.

Giving back, quietly without any fuss is one of London’s most luxurious hotels – Claridges. It is offering beds, dinner breakfast to 40 NHS key workers from St Mary’s Hospital Paddington, as well daily packed meals for over 500 NHS workers community support teams across London. 

The Accor group of hotels, meanwhile, has launched an emergency response platform to provide NHS, key workers disadvantaged people with accommodation solutions in the UK. So far, more than 60 hotels have already been repurposed for NHS, key workers welfare bookings from local authorities charities.